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Thursday, February 28

How to play Apple Music on Amazon Echo devices

Amazon Eco devices have become one of the popular smart speakers in the gadgets market. The best part of the speakers is its compatibility. You can connect it with any smart device and operate it through your voice command. You can

Monday, February 25

How to hide display hole on the Galaxy S10 smartphone

Samsung has recently introduced its highly anticipated Galaxy S10 smartphone lineup in an Unpacked event held in San Francisco. The latest premium offering by the South Korean tech giant offers some top-of-the-line features and brings a new punch-hol....

Sunday, February 24

How to extract audio from any video file

If video editing is your hobby, you’ll probably know that the most common hurdle comes from the audio. In fact, this is so ubiquitous, it isn’t a hurdle anymore, merely a process of dealing with it. Removing the audio from a

How To Resolve ‘Settings has Stopped’ error on your Android device?

When you want to try to make any change in the settings of your Android device, you must have encountered a pervasive error that says "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped." This error can be very irritating because other than "OK" there is

Here's how to change your WhatsApp number easily

Every now and then, the most popular messaging app WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to give the best experience to the users. Most of the features become well known to the users as soon as they are rolled out and

Saturday, February 23

How to sell gift cards online

The funny thing about gift cards is that you don’t always end up using them before the expiration date or sometimes the store doesn’t have anything that you want to buy. The only option you end up with that doesn’t let

How to disable unwanted Android apps

One of the key points that influence the choice we make when we pick a phone is the storage space available on the phone. Gone are the days when you had to choose which apps to keep and which apps to

Friday, February 22

Here's how you can stop Facebook from tracking your location all the time

Facebook has faced a lot of issues last year, and it has a habit of recording user data to create profiles which advertisers can target, and that also includes the location data of your phone. Not everyone will encourage this process

Sunday, February 17

How to blur background in Skype video calls

Video calling options have been incorporated into a number of platforms over recent years. The time when Skype was the first app anyone thought of when they felt the need to see and talk to someone has passed. The Microsoft-owned company

Saturday, February 16

How to install PUBG Lite on your PC

Every few years there comes along a game that does a little more than its peers. Successful games that make an impact create ripples that draw players to it and the natural progression from here is to the creation of forums,

Tips to protect yourself from harmful mobile phone radiation

Recently, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection revealed a comprehensive list of smartphones that emit the most radiation. Surprisingly, OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones have grabbed the top spots when it comes to emitting the most radiati....

Friday, February 15

How to resolve Other User issue on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 devices

There is a new unknown bug amongst the Windows OS computer users, where the computer will automatically create named other, especially while setting up a new computer or resetting the computer, which does not allow the user to login into the

Sunday, February 10

How to set up Bluetooth in your Window 7 PC

Devices attached to your PC can be connected through wires, but after a certain number, this just means clutter. But with the help of Bluetooth, you can connect supported phones, mice, headsets, printers, keyboards, tablets, and many other devices to....

Saturday, February 09

How to find and remove duplicate files in your PC

Many of us have gone through the ritual of finding and thinking about which files to keep and which to get rid of when it comes to making space in our computers for something else. One of the major culprits that

Monday, February 04

How to download Google Plus data before it shuts down

Last week search giant Google has officially announced that the company was shutting down the Google Plus accounts on April 2, 2019. Google suggests that consumers should download all their Google data before April because the company is going to del....

Saturday, February 02

How to resolve internet errors on PUBG Mobile

Description: PUBG, the massively famous online multiplayer game has encountered a bug that prevents the players from connecting to its servers. Here’s a couple of ways to fix this issue Complaints from several PUBG gamers suggest that the game ....

How to request a cancellation fee waiver in Ola app

There are several times when you book a cab from your Ola cab app and faced that the driver cancelled the booking of taking too long to arrive. In such cases, you might have faced extra charges on cancellation. If you