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Friday, April 27

How is Google ARCore different from Tango

Augmented reality is a modified version of your surroundings created by adding layers of information to the things that are around you. Google’s Project Tango (later rebranded to Tango) was initially part of Google’s Advanced Technology a....

How to add custom ringtones and sounds on Android?

The best thing about an Android smartphone is that it allows the user to customise their device according to their need and will. If you don’t like the launcher, you can go for a new launcher. Similarly, if you don’t like

How to activate the new Material Design theme in Chrome for Windows

With the announcement of the Android P, it has become quite evident that Google is planning on redesigning all of its software products. The new feature is known as the "Material Design 2", the new design basically focuses more on the

Sunday, April 22

How to stop updates to select Android apps permanently

“We are the sum total of our experiences. Those experiences – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives. “ And a phone is a sum total of the

How to Schedule Messages to Send Automatically

The friend whose birthday you forgot, the important message you were supposed to send to your boss, the anniversary you promise yourself you won’t forget every single year. We all have a list of things we find ourselves end up coming

Here's how you can fix 10 common Chrome issues

Google Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers. With millions of user, it cannot be denied that Google Chrome is the best browser available for us. It is a lightweight browser with a clean interface. Since past few years,

Saturday, April 21

How to send GIFs in iMessage chats?

Messaging has improved a lot. Earlier, we could only send an image with a text; texting became better, thanks to the emojis that we can use now. If you think sending pictures and emojis are not enough to convey your message

Friday, April 20

How to find devices using your Wi-Fi network?

Most of the time, we use Wi-Fi to connect ourselves with the internet world. Many people have their own private Wi-Fi network. You can enjoy your Wi-Fi openly, but things become problematic when a third person starts using your Wi-Fi by

Thursday, April 19

How to use emojis on Chrome OS ?

Emojis have made it so easy to express our feelings more efficiently. If you are like me, who cannot survive without emojis, then this post is for you. In Twitter, while tweeting or in FaceBook, it’s so fun to add emojis.