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Sunday, April 28

Tricks to unlock your iPhone even if you don’t remember backup password

Phones, these days, are a complete treasure house of all our important information. The wise idea is to keep all our data completely backed up so that we can easily access it and do not lose it. Encrypting the backups is

Friday, April 26

How to download virtual Driving License using mParivahan app?

If you commute by using a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, having documents like Driving License and RC is important, especially in India. Dept of transportation, under Govt of India, has now released a new app called mParivahan, which can be used

Sunday, April 21

How to uninstall Programs quickly on Windows 10?

Uninstalling programs can be a multi-faceted practice which requires the built-in tools of the operating systems. Since these tools are not powerful, there are various automatic programs like malware removal apps and program removal apps. There are t....

How to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is the most wanted service and app of tech giant Google. It is the best way to keep a tab on tasks which needs to be done and we do not wish to forget. It remains useful though

Thursday, April 18

Here's how to play PUBG Mobile on PC

PUBG has taken the tag of the most popular battle royale game all around the world. It would be okay to say that it is perhaps the most popular game even, trending on the top list for several months now. Millions

How to View Saved Passwords on Chrome for Android?

A Chrome Browser has always been the most used web browser of Google and it is very important to activate its password saving option. It is the best option unless and until you want to end up writing down all the

Saturday, April 13

How to find out if an image has been photoshopped

The process of Photoshop has become so easy and favorable that even an average computer user can do it in a flick of a second. It has become next to impossible to know whether it is authentic or had some improvements

Tuesday, April 09

How to send messages to a blocked WhatsApp contact

WhatsApp is the most common and preferred means of communication in today's world. It has replaced standard text messages such as SMS with a fast and instant means of messaging with added features like multimedia, video and audio messages, stickers, ....

Sunday, April 07

How to find videos on Facebook

Finding the desired video on Facebook can be a quest in itself. It isn’t organized, it’s confusing and the search results are poor. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get the video you have in mind.There are several kinds of

Friday, April 05

Here’s how to use WhatsApp with landline number

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users across the world and is the most popular instant messaging platforms across the world. The best part is that this app offers several features such as the ability to share images, videos, documents, contacts, locati....

Tuesday, April 02

9 tips and tricks to fix pairing issue with Fire TV Stick remote after reset

Fire TV stick is a gateway to the world of online entertainment. It has thousands of apps, TV shows, and movies. The plug of fire stick can be attached to the TV's HDMI port, where it opens opportunities to witness your