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Sunday, May 26

How to deactivate Spectator Mode in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, with millions of followers on both Android and iOS, this battle royale game, the only direction the game has seemed to be up. Present on Google’s Play store and the iOS App Store, the game amasses more downloads and

How to save number amidst phone call on Android

Here’s a situation that’s familiar to all - scampering for a pen and paper to note down something important, such as a number or an address, while on a call. It’s our instinct to search for a writing material to jot

How to view hidden files on Android?

Android provides some of the easiest solutions to view all your hidden files. There are a number of system files in Android that are hidden in the system folders of the storage of your device. Although some times they might be

Saturday, May 25

How to fix USB device format error in Windows

USBs come in handy when you need to carry around chunks of data. From documents to movies, a sizeable portion of the digital community, at one time or the other have come to rely on this tiny piece of hardware. USB

How to make your Android device safe for kids

Stopping the kids from doing any unauthorized activity on your Android has become a very important task nowadays. If one does not have the skills and knowledge to access the Android phone, it might cause damage to the device. Kids can

Sunday, May 19

How To create GIFs from YouTube videos

GIFs have become very popular in the past years and it consumes a lot of files on the internet. It is very useful in apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, and others. There are many creative people out there who can create funny

How to change Instagram username

Instagram’s growth from a simple square-shaped picture-sharing app to the social giant it is today is nothing short of impressive. Instagram carved its slice of the pie by its adherence to keeping it simple. Even with all the competition out th....

Saturday, May 18

How to unban your phone in PUBG Mobile

The battle royale game, PUBG, is coursing through the world of online gaming like never before. This upsurge in the game’s usage has caused several communities to spring up. These communities further boost the game’s status and give out i....

How to create partition in USB drives on Windows 10

USBs come in different shapes and sizes, from a pen drive that sticks in your pocket to heavy duty hard drives that are shackled to your desk for all eternity. Setting the various advantages that of USB devices, it’s human nature

Wednesday, May 15

How to back up your Screenshot folder on Google cloud

Google drive is one of the most reliable cloud services to back up your data like images, videos and important files. Sometimes we do take screenshots of the important files so that we can't misplace them. Some times we took screenshots

Monday, May 13

How to disable Auto-renewal of JioSaavn subscription

Many time we do take subscription of music streaming apps and forget to disable the auto-renew from the settings. This cause auto renews of the plan result in deduction of the amount which you don't want. Keeping this in mind I

Sunday, May 12

How to improve gaming performance on iPhone

The handheld gaming market has seen a spike because of all the smartphones that have flooded the market. There is something for everyone out there and some of these games are very taxing on the resources of our phones. While high-end

How to fix ‘Netflix Not Working On Chrome’ issue

Streaming sites are on the rise and from the looks of it, the only way they seem to be is up for the foreseeable future. Netflix, for all the joy and happiness it brings people, unfortunately, isn’t free of errors and

Saturday, May 11

How to save Whatsapp Status without capturing screenshots

The WhatsApp status was a welcome feature for many. From links to videos, question chains, memes and posts from holiday destinations, the feature has come in handy for a lot of people. One of the options that aren’t present in the

Sunday, May 05

How to add soft navigational keys on Android without rooting

The three tiny keys at the bottom of your Android handset that allows you to go back or go to the home screen is a useful tool that isn’t available on a lot of phones. A lot of the methods listed

5 ways to transfer data from laptop/PC to Android phone

Phones can give laptops and desktops a run for their money in terms of computing ability but we’re still a little away from chucking the phone’s big cousin out the window, at least for a little while. And as long as

Here’s how to encrypt files before adding them to cloud

Increasing the security of your cloud data is an important thing to do as your account might get hacked and there are chances where it cannot be ignored. If you encrypt your data before uploading them it can ensure your privacy.

Saturday, May 04

10 simple Google Search tricks to get the right results: Use Google like a Pro

The search engine Google is used by a maximum number of people to find directions, cinema references, information about products, weather data and the schedule or information about your favorite places and various other details. There are certain thi....

How to keep your rooted Android phone safe from security threats

Android is very prone to facing security threats. If security measures aren’t adopted, rooted Android phones act as an open platform where you can face a lot of security threats. Without security measures, harm can be caused to your android. Th....

Wednesday, May 01

How to configure APN settings on Android

Android’s biggest draw has always been the vast amount of customization that it makes possible. While some of these options are available for any layman to use, some of these are reserved for advanced users. One of these settings is called