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Thursday, June 28

How to use Night Mode Browsing in Chrome?

Over billions of internet users use Google Chrome as the default browser. It is a wonderful browser that can be made better by the users with the help of extensions. Now, there is no specific time for browsing the internet. However,

Tuesday, June 26

How to mirror your smartphone on a PC ?

The anniversary update of Windows 10 was celebrated with a boom by Microsoft. As a result of it, a new feature was rolled out by Microsoft for Windows 10. The update is focused on improving and making things easier for the

Monday, June 25

How to upload long videos using IGTV app?

The IGTV app has been recently rolled out of Instagram, and the creators have already started creating contents for this platform. As this feature is new, not many people now know how to use it. If you also want to put

Sunday, June 24

How to download a copy of the data that Apple has stored about you ?

Apple is one of the largest tech company in the world, and it is no secret that it stores plenty of data about its users. Unlike Google and Facebook, which uses the data of the user to serve ads, Apple has

How to find the camera sensor model number of your Android smartphone

With thousands of smartphones floating in the market, it is critical for us to compare these smartphones before buying a buying a smartphone to make sure that you are buying the best device. You can compare the performance of the Android

Friday, June 22

How to use Split Screen Mode on Android

Throughout Android’s history, the option to switch between recent apps has been employed religiously. Therefore, it was nearly inevitable for Google to include a feature that enabled some sort of multitasking between two apps. On devices runnin....

How to send text messages with Android Messages for web

Reaching for your phone when you are in the middle of an important project or are working on something on your desktop or laptop is something that definitely slows people down a bit. If you are someone who is looking for

Thursday, June 21

How to play YouTube videos in the background on your smartphone

YouTube has been and remains of the strongest players in the field of video streaming websites. And with the advent of different platforms has successfully secured a solid footing which has made sure that they have kept their hold. The timely

Wednesday, June 20

How to remove “Articles for You” from Chrome on Android

The Chrome browser for Android is fast, responsive and packed with a ton of features that make things faster and efficient. With amazing features like Reader mode and Data saver packed into the app, there are a ton of features for

Tuesday, June 19

How to stop apps from using Facebook data

The fact that Facebook allowed access to the information of billions of its users to third-party companies was common knowledge. The personal information and browsing habits of users are usually tracked and recorded to create an online profile that i....

Monday, June 18

How to use Gmail offline?

Gmail is the most popular email provider that is used by almost all of us. Be it for personal email or the business-related; one uses Gmail for both the purposes. Previous, Gmail required an active internet connection. However, that has changed

Sunday, June 17

How to enable Material Theme redesign on Android Messages

One of the recent updates from Google that was released included a hidden version of the new Material Design 2 redesign of Android Messages. This makes the app match the design of plenty of other apps that have also been updated

How to download Facebook videos

Facebook and what it represents has changed quite a bit since it’s inception. The target and reach of the app have grown much as well. A quick scroll of the timeline will allow you to come across a countless number of

Saturday, June 16

Six tips to know before buying a tempered glass screen protector

A crucial element of any smartphone is its display. It’s a factor we all consider while buying. Our experience is rooted in the display and protecting it becomes a priority since it is expensive to replace. Even if we’re sure to

How to read text aloud on Android

A telephone when it was first brought into existence could be defined as a device that allows people separated by a large distance. The innovations over the decades made the definition outdated over time. But the boundaries that have been pushed

Friday, June 15

How to pause and clear YouTube history

Though there have been many players in the field of online video streaming platforms, YouTube has managed to stay in a pretty good spot until now. YouTube has kept themselves in shape by improving on a vast array of features and

Thursday, June 14

How to use Google Pay

With digital payments becoming central to a lot of transactions nowadays, it was not a surprise when Google updated its online payment services. Google launched their very own online wallet and digital payments system known as Google Pay in February ....

Tuesday, June 12

Here's all you need to know about offline video editing

Offline editing is also often known as proxy editing. It is a technique which is most often used in video editing for managing large files. In offline video editing, you create low-quality copies from your high-quality raw footage. Later, you

Monday, June 11

How to get Chrome’s inbuilt emoji picker on Windows, Mac and Chrome OS

Using emojis while sending a text to someone has become a habit for most of us. Texts are dull and using emojis when sending a text to someone instantly add life to it. It is a way of expressing our emotions

Sunday, June 10

How to improve call quality on Android phones

With features that let you like track your heartbeat and figure out exactly how long ago the dinosaurs walked the Earth being added to phones. It’s not exactly absent-minded of people to forget that the primary function of phones is to

How to disable notification request pop-ups on Chrome and Firefox

Browsers are the gateway we rely on to access everything from the latest score of your favorite match or the meaning of a word which you find a little hard to chew. The countless number of websites and resources available at

Friday, June 08

How to record your GamePlay on Android ?

One of the most common ways of making money from YouTube is to upload a video that shows your gameplay. Often players watch these videos when they are stuck at any particular level. While doing something like this, it is essential

Thursday, June 07

How to use the iMessage in iCloud

With the new iOS 11.4 rolling out for iPhone users, they will finally have access to the Messages in iCloud feature. Unfortunately, it can be quite an uphill task for users to learn everything about the feature at one go.

How to install Google apps on devices running custom Android ROMs?

Installing custom ROM on your Android smartphone gives you immense power to customize your device. Things look good but then all of a sudden you realize that all the Google apps are missing. You can’t find Google Play Store, Maps, YouTube,

Wednesday, June 06

How to use Google Lens

Google has been steadily launching products and services that center around Artificial Intelligence for a while now, it has also made a lot of progress in its attempts to make themselves an AI-based search company. Google Lens is a visual search

Saturday, June 02

How to use Facebook's List feature in status

The increasing amount of clutter and irrelevant information that has been piling up on timelines have resulted in Facebook shaking things up and making changes to the algorithm which will bring more personal content to timelines. Facebook is also str....

Friday, June 01

How to lock and unlock your Android phone using Google Assistant?

Google Assistance has amazingly powered the Android devices. You know that Google Assistant can play music and videos but did you know that you can also use Google Assistant to loc and unlock your Android smartphone. Android 7.0 Nougat comes

How and why to disable new AI features in Gmail

The redesign of Gmail brought a load of features with it, a few of these new features take advantage of Google’s machine learning algorithms, whereas, the algorithms were being used previously in the mobile app to allow users to have access

How to unlock Chrome’s inbuilt malware scanner

Nothing is safe when you are browsing the internet. One needs to be constantly alert when they open their browser. The reason being there are malicious websites, malware, viruses and hackers who are waiting just for you. It is therefore very