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Sunday, June 30

How To Find And Remove Connected Devices From Your Netflix Account

Sharing a Netflix account is quite normal in this binge-watching era. If you wish to watch Netflix on two or more devices, you need to pick a proper plan and create a list of your favourite shows. If you have shared

How To Fix 'Google Play Stopped Working' Issue

We all usually depend on Google Play Store to download an app but when Google Play Store does not work, 'unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped’ is shown along with a 910 error. Then one cannot even download apps nor can

Monday, June 24

How To Travel With Drone To A New Country – All You Need To Know

Travelling with drones is a risky job especially when you are travelling to a new country. There are many countries which have banned the device and the law varies from country to country. Drones are very helpful to photographers, travel bloggers,

Sunday, June 23

Here's How To Reset Admin Password in Windows 10

Forgetting the passwords for your social media account or a service you’ve signed up for is something you can rectify by sending a simple 'Forgot your password’ message to your mail or number, a version of this procedure is still in

How to find which App causes Pop-Up Ads on Android

Pop up ads are really annoying at times, and they are at times even considered as joy hijacking monsters. The ads which appear at the bottom or the top are different from the pop-up ads. It sometimes occupies the whole screen

Saturday, June 22

How To Set Up Emergency Contact On Your Smartphone Lock Screen

Our phones are always on our person. The constant fear mongering that has stopped us from putting too much of our information on the net has also by an extension lead to people generally leaning towards safeguarding their private information from

Sunday, June 16

How To Delete Keyboard History On Your Android Smartphone

As long as mind-reading technology is still a few years away, barring voice assistance, the not-so-old-fashioned keyboard is the tool that a good chunk of us rely on to access a significant section of everything that you can do with your

How To Enable/Disable New Hardware Acceleration Feature On Chrome?

Google Chrome has added a new feature to its latest version known as Hardware Acceleration. It is a very important feature which improves the experience of web browsing. Hardware acceleration can be turned on or off as it sometimes becomes very

Saturday, June 08

How To Hide Career Results In PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Batttleground (PUBG), the battle royale game, is a known name in every gaming circle. In fact, is almost every other circle. Whether you play it or not, it is almost certain that you would’ve been exposed to it somehow.

Friday, June 07

How To Reach LG Customer Care Service on WhatsApp For All Your Queries

To strengthen its customer service in India for consumers, LG Electronics has collaborated with Infobip to enable WhatsApp Business Solution for its after sales service. As a part of the new partnership, LG consumers (across the product portfolio) wi....

Saturday, June 01

How To Know If Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Data Using Chrome

Tech giant Google’s most used web browser is Google Chrome. It is a very helpful Android browser. It has various interesting features and great advantages can be taken from it if you use every day. They pay special attention to the