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Tuesday, July 31

How to track the location of a mobile phone without user's knowledge

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate, technology and people are growing and spreading in a world that is slowly becoming smaller. But this hasn’t reduced the danger that could be present behind every corner. It’s not uncommon to....

Sunday, July 29

How to password protect and encrypt Microsoft Office files

It is natural to feel protective of your data if you deal with sensitive information. But the fact is that even individuals who aren’t dealing with data that would be deemed sensitive would still like to keep their information protected from

How to record and stream games online using Windows 10

Games have grown over the years in a lot of ways, the same applies to the how games are enjoyed and the niche it has carved in the collective consciousness of the gaming community. Winning or completing a game is no

Saturday, July 28

Home to make Group FaceTime call with 32 people on you iOS devices

Apple introduced its iOS 12 public beta a couple of weeks back, along with the new OS update the tech giant introduced a long-awaited Group FaceTime feature which will allow you to chat with up to 32 people at a time,

How to manage PDF files on iOS devices

The PDF specification, since its debut in 1993 has become the go-to choice for sending most documents. This file format was developed to include documents, including text formatting and images, in a way that is not dependent on application software, ....

Thursday, July 26

How to use Google Drive files offline

Google Drive is an amazing way to safeguard your information form the possible corruption of your storage device and to enable easy access to your information from anywhere in the world without carrying your things around. Launched in 2012, this file....

How to clear Google Maps search and location history on Android

Gone are the days of asking annoyed pedestrians or fellow commuters for directions and then ending up exactly where you started. Google Maps has removed the need for this by providing accurate maps that show exactly where you are, the destination

How to watch the longest Lunar Eclipse from anywhere in the world

Do you remember last time when the moon turn red? Have you seen that beautiful Eclipse that time? If not then don't world there is one more coming on July 27, when the moon will again change its color to red

Wednesday, July 25

How to disable Active Status from your Instagram app

With the starting of this year, Instagram made it possible to see anyone's last seen or you can say last time when you are online on the Instagram app. Recently the photo-sharing app has added a green sot for those who

Tuesday, July 24

How to customize your own Memoji in iOS 12

A couple of weeks back Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 12. This means Memoji are finally ready for the public debut. Memoji is similar to last year's 3D Animoji. The company made this to take on the

Monday, July 23

How to delete your Instagram account permanently

How many time did you check your Instagram account during a day? If you are a social media freak then you must be investing your most of the time on Instagram. But, there are many people who just don't want to

Saturday, July 21

How to turn off autoplay feature in YouTube

YouTube, as we know, is accessed almost every day by a large section of the internet users. It has spanned distance and platforms to become the one-stop shop to see everything. From the newest trailers or music videos to guides that

How to add iPhone X gesture to your Android smartphone

Apple iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones from the company. The best feature of the smartphone is not its hardware or design, the best part of the phone is its efficient gesture-based navigation system which has replaced the

Friday, July 20

How to replace Amazon Alexa with Google Assistant on your Android smartphone

The smart speaker is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays, the technology market is dominated by Amazon Alexa and Google Home with a market share of 92 percent, as per Strategy Analytics reports. Android smartphone comes with Google Assistant as defa....

Thursday, July 19

How to use Netflix Smart Download on your Android device

Downloading Netflix directly to your device is really amazing. But it not always fun when it comes to deleting old episode for making room for new ones. You have to literally delete all the episodes manually, which is convenient all the

How to hide your accidental like on Instagram

Have you ever, accidentally liked someone's Instagram photo while stalking his or her account? We all have been there at some point in time. Next time if this happens to you then don't worry here is a tip, which is recently

How to cancel Netflix account after free trial

Netflix is a US based company which allows users to stream media whenever they want to from specific countries around the world. Netflix gives you a benefit of one-month free subscription, and you can avail the free video streaming. Once the

Tuesday, July 17

How to sign up for Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime membership comes with a whole lot of benefits for the subscribers. Users can purchase the Prime membership by paying Rs.129 per month or Rs.999 per year. With the Prime subscription, users will get Prime Video content and other Prime

How to use YouTube Incognito Mode on Android

Incognito mode is a boon if you want to browse in private without anyone else getting to know what you are looking out for. The same feature on YouTube will be a great option if you do not want videos to

Monday, July 16

Effective tips to check if your online account is hacked

Personal data and information have never been received this much thought ever before. Ad companies want to buy them, some companies want to sell them and then there are all the other companies that wish to protect this data by making

Sunday, July 15

How to use Apple's Shortcuts app

WWDC 2018, Apple’s year’s developers conference saw the company revealing it’s latest Shortcuts app. This app is an advanced version of the Workflow app that is available on the iPhone now. This automation app allows you to create c....

How to right click using Keyboard on Mac

There are plenty of ways to use a Mac effectively without resorting to using a Mac at all. The number of keyboard shortcuts and bindings available out there makes it rather easy for users to perform a lot of tasks in

Saturday, July 14

How to use Bedtime feature in iOS

The clock on your iPhone does more than just keep you on your schedule, the Bedtime feature on your clock can keep track of your sleeping habits with the visual sleep log. The app is capable of keeping track of your

Thursday, July 12

How to activate Amazon Prime membership on Vodafone RED postpaid plans

Vodafone RED, like most companies, has taken a lot of effort in order to market their brand and entice their customers. From the lowest guaranteed bill, unlimited international roaming to mobile insurance. In an effort to provide its users with more

Wednesday, July 11

How to add soundtrack, use emoji slider or conduct polls on Instagram Stories

Instagram is used far and wide by millions of users. It is quite hard to walk into a crowded room and not find someone who has never used Instagram or at least have heard about it. There has been a steady

Monday, July 09

How to check which apps access your Gmail and remove them

Privacy is one of the key points that are focused on today in the tech world. The ripples of the offense one felt when they learned about NSA’s snooping after Snowden’s whistleblowing is still felt today. Events like the Facebook Cambridg....

Sunday, July 08

How to create copies of apps to use multiple accounts

When apps first came into the picture, it was a great addition to a device that was primarily made for making calls and sending messages. Today, they have become central to the functioning of a smartphone. All smartphones go through a

How to use YouTube's 'Take a break’ feature on Android

Digital Wellbeing is an initiative undertaken by Google which aims to control the rampant spread of smartphone addiction. It was undertaken during the annual Google I/O 2018. The new features that have been launched by Google to curb Smartphone usage....

Saturday, July 07

How to add music to Instagram Stories

Everyone likes adding a story to their Instagram profile. With your Instagram story, you would be able to tell your friends and followers the recent happenings in your life. In fact, it is due to this reason; the Story feature of

Friday, July 06

How to manage app permissions on your Android phone

Smartphones function on the strength of apps that they are packed with. Often, the apps require certain permissions to be enabled in order to be used effectively. While sometimes it is a little difficult for an average user to determine the

Thursday, July 05

How to create an Apple ID

The first thing that you need in order to use an iOS device is an Apple ID, an Apple ID allows you to sync your content across all of your Apple devices. From syncing your notes in Apple’s Notes app or

Wednesday, July 04

How to hide Messenger Stories from everyone

Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook all have stories now, the trend that started with Snapchat has spread and is present everywhere now. The feature is also present in Messenger and is called “My Day.” The feature used to be called....

Sunday, July 01

Follow these steps to record deleted browser history

The browser history that has been saved about a user includes the information that is related to active logins, browsing history, cache, cookies, form and search bar data, offline website data and site preferences. Though there are a number of disadv....