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Sunday, September 30

5 tips to improve lousy photos clicked using your iPhone

Photographs are more than just a tool of vanity, they are often a token that summarizes the moment at which they were captured. Browsing through photographs lets you remember how you felt when the picture was taken, the place the picture

How to manage multiple browsing sessions on Chrome

From chatting with your friends or colleagues to streaming a movie or show, there are a ton of activities that you can engage in while you use a website. But most browsers, unfortunately, do not allow you to have multiple sessions

Saturday, September 29

How to delink your Aadhaar from Paytm account: Step-by-step guide

The Supreme Court verdict came as a massive relief to those who were concerned about the Aadhaar data security. The verdict ruled out the necessity to link the Aadhaar number with bank accounts, mobile numbers and school admissions. This

Wednesday, September 26

10 biggest mistakes you might make when buying a smartphone

There is no denying the fact that smartphone sales have been reaching new heights. The devices have been successfully drawing the attention of many users on a larger scale with their amazing features irrespective of different categories. Despite, all....

Sunday, September 23

How to delete all tweets instantly

If you ever tweeted a tweet during a momentary lapse of judgment which you regretted almost instantly. Well, you would be glad to learn that all hope is not lost, there is some good news for you, you can get rid

How to fix “iMessage Not Delivered” issue on your iPhone

iMessages are a fast and convenient way to communicate with your peers, it is much faster than regular old SMS or MMS. This is because the technology which is made use of to send SMS and MMS is not the same

Thursday, September 20

How to enable full-screen video playback in YouTube on the Vivo V11 Pro

The Vivo V11 Pro is the latest smartphone from Vivo to launch in India with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The smartphone is also the most affordable smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The smartphone also has a water drop notch, which....

Tuesday, September 18

How to add secondary Face ID to your iPhone with iOS 12

After the launch of iPhone X last year the Face ID technology has received overwhelmingly positive reviews across the globe there are brands who have taken inspiration from the iPhone X and introduced Face ID technology on their smartphone but they

Monday, September 17

Amazon Pay EMI available for select users: How to register and use the new feature

Amazon India mobile app rolls out a new feature for select users. There is a new banner on the app showing the Amazon Pay EMI feature. However, this feature is available only for select users for now. With this feature, users

Thursday, September 13

How to customize Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana has a ton of features that make life much easier than it is, the virtual assistant’s sole purpose is to increase productivity. From finding the answers to questions through the internet or your computer, managing your tasks, setting rem....

How to record phone calls using TrueCaller

The way we recall how a conversation went and how they actually happened is quite different from how they actually went. You would learn quite a bit by listening to conversations a second time. While some smartphones are equipped with the

Tuesday, September 11

How to completely disable ads on any Xiaomi smartphone: The simplest trick

Xiaomi's custom operating system MIUI is known to offer a ton of customisation options, which are not available on stock Android OS. However, the MIUI is not everyone's cup of tea as most of the people hate it because of the

Saturday, September 08

How to download all your data from LinkedIn

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn was quite a monumental decision. The fact that they spent $26.2 billion was quite a big deal as well. LinkedIn is vital in the professional workspace, it has 433 million members and more than 2 million paid

Thursday, September 06

How to buy JioPhone 2 during flash sale

Reliance Jio announced the second-generation 4G feature phone - the JioPhone 2 at its 41st AGM in July. This feature phone differs from its predecessor in terms of design and looks and also comes pre-loaded with WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. Priced....

Sunday, September 02

How to find music and songs in YouTube videos

The trailer for the movie you’ve been dying to watch, the latest video from your favorite artist or, more importantly, the endless barrage of cat videos. There’s something on YouTube for everyone, all you need to do is take your time

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to record your screen

Remember that scene in that movie that you had to share with a friend? Or the really important technique or shortcut that you just figured out how to do that you might want to share with your colleagues or project mates?