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Friday, January 17

How To Add Movies To Google's Watchlist

No doubt, Google always comes up with something exciting and this time it is Google's Wishlist. It has come up with something new that has changed the perspective of watching TV shows and movies. It is a gift in disguise by

Sunday, January 12

How To Uninstall Multiple Apps On Android Using Google Play Store

Google Play Store is essential to get the most out of the capabilities available on your Android phones. Almost every other app or game that you need to download for your phone comes from the Play Store. It is a standard

How To Enable Gaming Mode On Windows 10

Microsoft‘s Windows is a popular operating system that offers lots of features and more customization options for their users. Windows 10 from Microsoft is the latest operating system with many useful features. Microsoft provides new features o....

Saturday, January 11

How To Restore Google Play Store That You Accidentally Deleted

Google Play Store is a pre-installed app for Android operating system that allows the users to browse and download various applications on their Android phones. With the help of the Play Store, you can update all the apps. This Play Store

Monday, January 06

How To Stop Google From Listening To You

Google voice assistant is very convenient for Android users, which provide answers to your wide range of questions. Google Assistant offers voice search, voice commands, and device control and helps you to finish the task after you tell the ‘He....

Saturday, January 04

How To Recover Deleted Administrator Account In Windows 10

There are two types of user accounts in Windows 10; the Guest user and administrator account. It is always better to use your user account with a standard user account but at times you might accidentally end up deleting the Administrator

Friday, January 03

Top 11 Apple Mail Tips And Tricks To Use It Like A Pro

The default email app on the iPhone is Apple mail which offers you a lot of iOS updates. But when you have already updated the iOS 13 the Apple mail mostly do all the things but lacks one or two functions.

Wednesday, January 01

How To Disable Dark Mode On Chrome Across Platforms

Google Chrome is a fantastic browser that has been around for years. Various features have been added to the browser over the years and they have expanded to a variety of platforms as well. One of the interesting features that