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Monday, May 21

How to activate ‘Sleep Mode’ on Facebook Messenger Kid?

Facebook has made a lot of improvement in the recent years. Last year in December, Facebook launched the Messenger Kids app. This app was co-developed with the help of kids, parents, and experts. Even the NGOs were involved in designing this

Sunday, May 20

How to remove a broken headphone jack from your device

The devices which were the ancestors of modern-day earphones can be traced back to the ancient times of 1881, yes, almost 150 years! The first headphones were quite clunky and weighed more than ten pounds. The modern-day earphones weigh so light

How to block intrusive ads and pop-ups on Android

Full banner ads that cover the whole page and loud video ads that are annoying to you and those around you are one of the worst parts of traversing the web. Because of the steady increase in the number of infringing

Saturday, May 19

Google Maps in broken on a selected Huawei and Honor smartphones

Google Maps is one of the most used features Maps services on Android and iOS smartphones. It looks like some of the Honor and Huawei phones have an issue with the Google Maps and here is how to rejuvenate the Google

How to use Confidential Mode in Gmail

Gmail went through one of the major redesigns it went through in recent years and this added a host of new features to make your life much easier. You can free yourself from spam by unsubscribing to them, you have 'Snooze

Google Maps is broken on select Huawei and Honor smartphones

Google Maps is one of the most used features Maps services on Android and iOS smartphones. It looks like some of the Honor and Huawei phones have an issue with the Google Maps and here is how to rejuvenate the Google

How to use Smart Compose feature in Gmail?

Google has brought the much-needed changes for Gmail by adding many new features to Gmail. It has given a new looked to Gmail, and it has brought the ‘Snooze e-mail’ feature to notify about the e-mail at a later date. And

Friday, May 18

How to recharge your prepaid mobile number via Facebook app

Facebook already allows peer-to-peer money transfer through the Messenger app in US, UK, and France. With the internet-using population in India growing and achieving a position which is only second to China, it makes a lot of sense why Facebook woul....

How to get Android P Beta on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is the company's big flagship for this year. The device has been launched in India and is all set to go on sale from May 21 exclusively via Amazon. Earlier this month, at the Google I/O 2018, the Android

Thursday, May 17

Here's how you can change voices for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is currently available on 500 million+ devices, which includes Android, iOS phones, Speakers, TV etc. In case of Android devices, they need to run Android 6.0 or higher. Advancements that have been made in Google Assistant have been ....

Monday, May 14

How to use Alexa as default voice assistant on Android

The Seattle World’s Fair, 1962. The IBM Pavilion demonstrated the IBM Shoebox, the Shoebox was capable of recognizing speech and performing mathematical functions. It was able to recognize 16 spoken words and also all the digits from through 9.....

How to change your login name on Windows 10

The Microsoft Account has had various iterations in the past, it has been known as Microsoft Passport, .NET Passport, Microsoft Passport Network, and Windows Live ID. Microsoft services like Outlook, Cortana, OneDrive, and all your Microsoft devices ....

Sunday, May 13

What is Focus Assist on Windows 10 and how to use it

Having a message box pop up is the last thing anyone wants to deal with when they are in the middle of their game, this can be quite an inconvenience. Fortunately, Windows 10 has a nifty little feature called Focus Assist

Saturday, May 12

How to download all your Instagram data easily

Instagram has grown from a simple photo sharing site to an entity made up of about 800 million people. The internet shifted the paradigm of how the different parts of the world interacted with each other. With the numerous possibilities came

Wednesday, May 09

How to install Android P Beta on your smartphone

Google announced the Android P at the Google I/O 2018 conference on Tuesday. The first public beta build of this iteration of the OS is already available. Unlike the previous iterations, this one will be available for both the Pixel and

Sunday, May 06

How to call anonymously from Your iPhone

Giving strangers access to your phone number might not be something quite a lot of us are comfortable with. While never making phone calls to people who you don't know is not a feasible one. If you are among the many

How to stop google ads from following you

To opt out of being targeted by Google Ads and having a clutter-free browsing experience is something quite a lot among us have craved at one time or another. Around 2+ million websites and apps are currently partnered with Google to

Thursday, May 03

How to buy the best Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your PC?

The most underrated component in your personal computer is perhaps the power supply unit. Many users only consider the wattage factor alone to buy a power supply with the misconception that higher wattage means better power supply. Other users don&rs....

Tuesday, May 01

How you should choose a headphone?

To keep yourself at a distance from the noisy environment of outside, many of us take the support of headphones. The market is filled with many headphones. As a result of the many choices which are available to us, we end

How to choose the right VR headset

Navigating a synthetic world that mimics the world we inhabit or a better yet, a world which someone or something else inhabits, is something which you can fully immerse yourself into, with the all the innovations that have been happening in

How you can install Chrome extensions on Android?

No doubt, Google Chrome is the most popular browser. When coupled with Chrome Web Store, Google Chrome becomes unbeatable. You can get extensions of Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store. When you are using Google Chrome on the desktop, it is