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Wednesday, February 19

How To Book, Cancel, Collect Refund IRCTC Tatkal Train Tickets

When it comes to traveling in India, the Indian Railways provide some of the best-connected routes to visit places. However, there are times when we make last-minute plans to travel. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation handles the ti....

How To Block And Resume Reliance Jio SIM By Following Few Simple Steps

Losing a SIM or a smartphone is very common nowadays, and when you lose a SIM the first thing you need to do is to block it so that no one else can make use of it. In this article, we

Sunday, February 16

How To Delete Camera Roll, Saved Pictures Folders On Windows 10

These are the two things that are built-in Windows 10 by default. So it's always better to use them as you are completely unable to delete them. You can either move, hide or delete the folders or even hide the libraries

How To Set Up APN Settings On Your Android Device

The Android operating system offers a variety of options to its users. Some of them are useful for all, whereas others are meant for the advanced users only. One of such setting is the Access Point Name (APN). APN is very

Saturday, February 15

Here's A Fix For 'Android Is Unable To Format SD Card' Issue

Among the portable storage devices, pen drives and SD cards are the most common. They are helpful in storing and transferring files but they are also prone to damage. Android unable to format SD card is a very common error that

Sunday, February 09

How To Play Audio Files On Your Android Device Using YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the best music streaming app and most-viewed websites. This music app supports all Android and iOS operating systems. You can find all the songs in this single platform that you wish to listen to. Using the

A Simple Trick For Nova Launcher Users To Hide Apps On Android

Our Mobile phones are of great help to us as we can use it for everything, from accessing media to banking. We tend to download a lot of apps on our phones but we don’t want others to see some of

Saturday, February 08

How To Disable, Enable Default Ad Blocker On Chrome

The revenue generated from the traffic a webpage depends a lot on the ads that they host. Being bombarded or distracted by the ads on a webpage hinders the experience you get when you visit a website, the ad-blocker from Google

How To Clear Your Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook has a not-that-impressive track record when it comes to handling privacy and security. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal where the company was complicit in letting the data analysis firm steal data from 50 million of its users, and to make mat....

Saturday, February 01

Here's How To Lock A Folder On Windows 10

Corporate espionage or a jealous spouse isn't the only driving factor behind what's driving users crazier than usual about digital security, the knowledge that someone might be privy to your private information is something that can make anyone cring....

Simple Trick To Change Navigation Bar Color On Your Android Device

The Android operating system offers various customization options for its users. Several apps are available on the Google Play Store to restyle the user interface in just a few seconds. If you want a navigation bar to look stylish, then this