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Saturday, March 16

How to copy text from images on your Android device

It is easy to extract text from any type of image in the Android device. If you are looking to copy text from the images and wish to present it in the right place, it is easily possible in your Android

How to backup Android game data to your PC

While uninstalling a game from your Android device, you must have noticed that all your game’s data get deleted. If you want to have a backup of all your Android game data, we have a solution for you. In this post,

Friday, March 15

How to check your PF account balance following simple steps

If you're a working professional then you must know about the Provident fund (PF) which is deducted by your company. Basically, Indian companies deduct a portion from your salary and deposit it to your EPF account. For example, if your company

Sunday, March 10

How to keep your mobile number private on Facebook

Amidst the Cambridge Analytica scandal and increased chatter surrounding what appears to be Facebook’s ineptitude when it comes to ensuring its users of safety and privacy, things don’t look great for Facebook this year as well. Security ....

How to fix Sync Passphrase error on Chrome

The Chrome Sync feature is one of the most loved features of Google Chrome. The Chrome Synch is the feature as a result of which, you can see all your browsing activity synched across all the devices and platforms in a

Saturday, March 09

How to disable websites from tracking your location?

If you do not wish any website to follow your location or if you are worried about your privacy, you need to think about disallowing website from tracing your location. We will be sharing easy and simple methods to disable the

Thursday, March 07

Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Facebook is always trying to keep its platform a better place for interaction for its beloved users. So, if you are into Facebook lately, you must have noticed about Dark mode on Facebook messenger. For those who have no clue, about

Wednesday, March 06

How to reformat external hard drive without missing data?

When it comes to keeping a backup, most of us prefer to preserve the data in an external hard drive. However, an unfortunate event can corrupt the hard drive and you might end up losing all the data stored in it.

Sunday, March 03

How to download videos from Facebook?

There are plenty of lovely videos that one comes across on Facebook. Once you scroll past the video in your Facebook newsfeed, it is hard to find the same video again. If you want to download a video of your choice,

Here's how to find lost iPhone on silent mode

Smartphones are very important for everyone nowadays, and misplacing your phone is not a big deal. If you are an iPhone user then you must be knowing about the "Find My iPhone" feature which helps you to track you're the location