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Dastaan E Miri Piri(2019)

Movie Information

Movie Name : Dastaan E Miri Piri
Year : 2019
Director : Vinod Lanjewar
Release Date : 05 Jun 2019
Rating : Not Rated

Cast :

Synopsis :
   In 1606, after Shri Guru Arjun Dev`s sacrifice, Guru Hargobind adorned the two swords of Miri-Piri and started the crusades against the tyranny of Mughals. This was the time when Saint Soldiers pledged their lives for the protection of the Sikh community. Dastan-e-Miri Piri is a retelling of this glorious era of the Sixth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Hargobind, and takes us back to the time when the concept of Miri-Piri first came into being. The 17th century also marked the construction of the first Sikh fort in Amritsar, the first war fought and won by Sikhs and many other proud accomplishments.