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Jaddi Sardar(2019)

Movie Information

Movie Name : Jaddi Sardar
Year : 2019
Director : Manbhavan Singh
Release Date : 06 Sep 2019
Rating : Not Rated

Cast : Sippy Gill, Dilpreet Dhillon, Guggu Gill, Sawan Rupowali

Synopsis :
   Jaddi Sardar is a story of two brothers and their love for each other. The entire village used to swear by their bond. When one brother falls in love, the other makes sure that the same girl becomes his sister-in-law. However, owing to one family incident, a dispute between their elders, the brothers eventually part ways. With every passing minute, the misunderstandings and the feeling of rivalry tear them apart. The rivalry reaches a point, that the love of one brother is forced to get married to the other brother. Now how far will this rivalry go? Will everything be alright once again?