About KV No. 1 Old Student Association

The existence of Old Students’ association is a Landmark in the history of Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Jalandhar. OSA which is a 25 year old, non-political, non profit making and a non controversial body, has became the integral part of the Vidyalaya now.

OSA Formation

Old Students’ Association was formed on 9th Nov.1989, on the initiative of Mr. S.C. Sharma the then Principal of the Vidyalaya, when a couple of Army Officers, who were the Ex-students of the School visited the School campus. Soon a few local Ex-students were invited, where the OSA was formally launched. The charter of OSA was drawn and the Organising committee was setup.

The Organising Committee

In the first Meeting the Structure of the OSA was drawn which is carrying on till date. It is as follows:

  • Chairman : The Principal of Vidyalaya (Ex-officio post)
  • President: Elected in General Body Meeting.
  • Vice President – Elected in General Body Meeting
  • Secretary - Elected in General Body Meeting.
  • Treasurer - Elected in General Body Meeting.
  • Members – Volunteers

The Post of Patron and Jt. Secretary were created in the Genaral Body Meeting in Oct 2007

The present Organising Committee is as Follows:-
  • Chairman – Mr Som Dutt
  • Patron – Mr. G.S. Gill
  • President – Mr. Satish Kumar
  • Vice President – Prof DK Joshi
  • Secretary – Mr KJS Pannu
  • Jt. Secretary – Mr Avtar Singh Cherry
  • Jt. Secretary – Mr. Jagdeep Walia.
  • Treasurer – Mr. Parag Vadya.
  • Jt. Treasurer – Mr. Amandeep Singh
  • Charted Accountant – Mr. Sunil Dutt
  • Public Relations – Mr.Gurnam singh Multani
  • Overseas Coordinator – Mr. Jatinder Kapoor.
  • Web Admin – Mr. Mandeep Atwal
  • Coordinator – Mrs. Mala Prashar
  • School Coordinator – Mrs. Ravinder Virdi

Scope Of Old Students’ Associaton

There is an immense scope of Alumni Associations in all the Kendriya Vidyalayas. The formation of Alumni Association will give its Ex-students an opportunity to come back to its alma mater. It gives the students and the staff a lot of motivation and inspiration. It unlimits the relationship barrier with its students. Many Ex-students have also benefited from OSA. While interacting with one another they have renewed their relationships and have mutually helped each other. Many have elevated their positions with these bonds.

A score of IAS officers & IPS officers and to mention a few names like Mr HR Chaddha the Additional Director General of Punjab Police , Major General BL Khanna, Maj Gen. Naresh Baunthyal, Brig Ashok Joshi, Brig. Anoop Jairath, Brig Biraj Guha, Brig Sagar Singh, Brig. PJS Pannu, Brig. Gurpal Singh Sangha, Brig. Taranjit Singh, Brig. Arun Ahuja, Brig. Mandeep Kohli. The bigwigs of the corporate world and here to mentions the two Directors from the Global Corporate setup the Indoasian group, Mr Vivek and Mr Vinay mohindru form the part of our Alumni, Mr Vivek Sondhi Director PKF Group, Mr Sharad Aggarwal a Leading Exporter, Hotlier and Industrialist

It is strongly felt to show case the Alumni of all KVs for the image projection. This will not only enhance the brand equity but also go a long for the up-gradation of standards of all the KVs in general.

There is a need to give the Old Students’ Association an Official recognition. It should ideally be housed in the School premises and should be suitably funded and governed officially.

Objective Of OSA

The initial objective of the OSA was very much limited to a social gathering only. As the passage of time and more and more people joining the Association, it thought of widening its scope to be more meaningful and purposeful. While remaining within the frame work of its constitution, it expanded its scope to the following areas.

    For the motivation of the younger generation to have an all round development the OSA initiated the following Awards:
    • OSA TROPHY: For the best All-rounder
    • GOLD MEDALS: For Best in Academics and Sports
    • TROPHIES: Best speakers and best in Computers.
    All the Medals and Trophies are named after Ex-students who have laid down their lives to save the honour of our great country.
    As its Annual feature OSA conducts a Career counseling seminar for the senior students of the school. This serves as a dual purpose programme. It is conducted by the Ex-students who have excelled in the various fields, they share with them the first hand experience they have had after passing out from this very Vidyalaya to the professionals they are.
    From time to time OSA conducts various Personality development programmes for the students of the school. To name a few, Communication Skills, Effective Public Speaking, Social Etiquette’s and manners etc.
    OSA has adopted some students, who are economically weak but academically brilliant. It looks after them and takes care of their fee and for some, the uniform and books too.
    For the better command and control of the school the OSA gifted an Air conditioner for the Principal’s Office and a closed circuit TV with cameras with audio output in all the six board classes. This has yielded good results, which is evident from the board results.
    OSA gifted one high powered Computer for the School computer Lab, all the other computers are now networked and this is serving as the server.
    In its gesture of thanksgiving to the staff members, the OSA gifted three desert coolers for the Staff rooms and one Overhead projector for the Multimedia Lab.
    The Vidyalaya has provided a Room to OSA, where a beautiful OSA Centre has been set up. All the records and Photographs have been placed in this Centre. It plans making this Centre as a Motivational hall, where pictures of all distinguished KV’ites would be displayed. Motivational Lectures will also be held there.
    OSA organizes at least one General Body Meeting Every year in Nov./ Dec. Where hundreds of KV’ites get together. This has created a massive Social Network.

These are some of the projects and programmes the Old students’ Association of KV No1 Jalandhar is undertaking.